Small molecule - Great action

H2 penetrates into the very interior of the cell and repairs it from the inside.

Hence its amazing therapeutic effect.

Especially in the field of increasingly common and difficult to treat diseases today:



Respiratory system


Metabolic diseases

Support skin regeneration


Hydrogen water is administered to patients with chronic hepatitis B, tumors on the liver and when receiving radiation therapy. Hydrogen therapies also work well in reducing liver steatosis, treating jaundice or damage to the organ caused by the adverse effects of drugs, alcohol and stimulants.


It is a disease of civilization, with as many as 4 million people suffering from it in Poland. Respiratory diseases/lung damage such as COPD, asthma and pulmonary edema are caused by oxidative stress, pathogens (bacteria, fungi), as well as high air pollution (sulfur and nitrogen oxides, dust, ozone and fine particles of exhaust fumes) that we breathe. Using hydrogen therapies can reduce pulmonary edema and alleviate changes in the lungs caused by air pollution.


Hydrogen exhibits anti-inflammatory effects, thus contributing to the resolution of pain. Rheumatoid arthritis patients undergoing hydrogen therapy are seeing a resolution of symptoms, and complete remission of the disease has been reported in those in the early stages of the disease.


The heart is one of the most important human organs. However, it is exposed to oxidative stress on a daily basis. Numerous studies show that hydrogen supports the treatment of heart disorders, including ischemic diseases, or atherosclerosis. Hydrogen therapy is also recommended as part of prophylaxis during post-transplant treatment and during recovery.


The kidneys, along with the liver, are tasked with filtering the body of toxins. Excessive strain on the kidneys is a reduction in their ability to work on a daily basis. Drinking hydrogen water helps free the kidneys from toxins and also reduce waste products, including blood urea nitrogen. Hydrogen therapies are also recommended for people suffering from various types of nephropathies.

Digestive system

We know from many scientific reports that health comes from the gut. A healthy gut also means a healthy brain. Hydrogen effectively protects the digestive system from the disastrous effects of oxidative stress and stress-induced inflammation. Hydrogen therapies help improve intestinal function, remove lingering deposits and unwanted bacteria, relieve inflammation, and help heal intestinal obstruction and ischemia.

Urinary bladder

The use of hydrogen therapy can effectively shrink the bladder walls and reduce its mass.

Hearing organ

Hearing is exposed to noise daily, which can lead to dullness. The lifesaver, in this case, is hydrogen, which naturally protects the cells of the cilia from damage. Hydrogen also protects the hearing organ from the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

Bone marrow transplant

In transplantation, a disease called graft versus host disease (GVHD) happens - it's a reaction of the body that can occur in a person who has received a transplant from an unknown donor. It has been proven worthwhile to include hydrogen therapy in a patient's transplant surgery, which reduces organ damage during transplantation and reduces the possibility of graft versus host disease (GVH D).


A person's age is judged by the condition of the skin. Hydrogen, as an element of youth, has been proven to effectively deal with skin problems as well as imperfections, improve the condition of skin, hair and nails. It is worth considering this method especially because it is a safe antioxidant that will restore natural beauty without a scalpel. Hydrogen is also recommended for patients suffering from acute erythematous conditions and also for those who struggle to treat hard-to-heal sores and ulcers.

Organ of sight

Retinal damage is not a sentence. Hydrogen therapies improve the recovery process after retinal damage. It is worth noting that also mechanical eye injuries caused by contact with chemicals can be reduced with hydrogen therapy. It has been proven that hydrogen also shows therapeutic potential in the treatment of cataracts or macular degeneration.

Immune system

Hydrogen has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties - it protects the body and whole cells from the inside thus reducing the harmful activity of free radicals. It accelerates wound healing and can help maintain oral hygiene. Hydrogen also shows therapeutic potential in the treatment of chronic inflammation or autoimmune diseases. Hydrogen therapies can also benefit healthy people who want to support the body's natural detox every day, as well as those complaining of chronic fatigue or weakened immunity due to illnesses with antibiotic or chemotherapy treatment.


Atopic dermatitis has its origin inside the body, so it is worth treating it already at the cellular level with hydrogen therapies. Hydrogen water effectively improves the skin by removing inflammation.


Hydrogen therapies have been proven to effectively reduce cancer cells by reducing oxidative stress in the body. Hydrogen therapy also has a not inconsiderable effect on keeping the patient mentally and emotionally healthy - drinking hydrogen water reduces mortality and unwanted excessive weight loss.


Hydrogen prophylaxis benefits metabolic processes from the cellular level to the repair processes occurring in the organs themselves. Hydrogen prevents atherosclerosis, reduces levels of good and bad cholesterol, and supports metabolic processes in people struggling with obesity. It is worth noting that hydrogen therapies can successfully benefit people struggling with diabetes and those suffering from metabolic acidosis. In the former case, hydrogen normalizes glucose tolerance and insulin resistance, while in the latter we observe positive changes in the pH of the blood, which takes on an alkaline reaction. Hydrogen therapies have sensational therapeutic effects in healthy people, sports people and people struggling with obesity problems. Hydrogen therapies are also recommended for people suffering from diseases considered in modern medicine to be the most difficult to treat, including type l diabetes and acute pancreatitis, among others.


Hydrogen protects DNA and mitochondria from mutations/changes caused by oxidative stress. Such properties of hydrogen make this molecule hailed as the miracle elixir of youth. Hydrogen treatment delays the replication lifespan of bone marrow stem cells by reducing oxidative stress, and thus the aging process is suppressed.


By penetrating the tiniest parts of a cell, hydrogen protects it from free radicals, cell death and aging. The most spectacular discovery is that hydrogen can alleviate progressive muscle atrophy in patients.